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Semester and Summer Study Abroad Application Process

A.  Study Abroad Inquiry

Marywood students will initially complete an online "profile" account with the International Affairs Office at  This online account enables students to start exploring study abroad options and communicate with a Study Abroad Advisor. 

CLICK HERE to create an account.

B.  Application for Approval

After you have decided which program you want to apply to, you will login to your online account, find the program on the clickable map, and click the APPLY link for that specific program.

You will then need to complete the "Application Form." 

Your Application, which includes a Disciplinary Clearance and a review of your Academic Transcript, will be reviewed by the International Affairs Office for approval to study abroad. When listed as a requirement, you should request an official copy of your most recent transcript to be sent to the International Affairs Office.  The Associate Director will then send you an electronic copy of the same, which you will upload to your account under "Transcript."

C.  Enrollment Process

If you meet the eligibility requirements to study abroad and have chosen a relevant program for your academic needs, you will be notified by email that your Application status has changed to "Approved by Marywood".  At this time you should begin the application to the specific program that you have chosen. Carefully follow all of the steps that the provider has listed, submitting whatever forms and paperwork that they request. 

On the Marywood side, you should login to your online account and complete the "Enrollment Forms" listed for your program. If you haven’t already, you must make an appointment now to meet with the Associate Director for International Affairs to discuss your plans.

Authorization of Transfer of Credit

One page document that is used to obtain pre-authorization for a transfer of credit for the given number of credits that have been signed off on by the students advisor, department chair, International Affairs officer, and the registrar.

UNIV 404

Register for UNIV 404 at Marywood for the semester that you will be studying abroad. This registration assures the Registrar's, Business, and Financial Aid Offices that you are still a registered student at Marywood but studying abroad for the period.

Agreement and Release

A document stating the student is aware of the inherent risks involved in studying abroad and they assume the so stated risks outlined in the Student Agreement and Release Form. Also notes that student is signing a contract noting responsibility for program payment in full.

Passport Form

Upload a copy of your current Passport photo page to the site. Be sure that your passport is not due to expire for at least six (6) months after the end of your chosen study abroad program.

Travel Itinerary

Once you’ve made your travel plans for study abroad. Upload a copy of your itinerary showing your planned travel dates both to and from your destination. 

Intent to Study Abroad

This one page document is to be completed with the Associate Director for International Affairs. The International Affairs Associate Director will fill in the estimated financial data. Student will meet with the Financial Aid office with this document along with a copy of the Authorization of Transfer of Credit form to discuss financial options for the student’s program.

D.  Counseling and Student Health Support

The names of all students planning to study abroad will be shared with Marywood's Counseling and Student Development Center and Student Health Center. In applying to take part in a Marywood study abroad program, each student agrees to this process and if necessary, may make an appointment to meet with a professional in either or both of these offices before travel.

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